WordPress “Care” Package


Your website is your business, and maintaining it yourself can be overwhelming. I’ve described websites to clients as “billboards” instead of “monuments”. Creating your online space is just the beginning. It’s a huge responsibility to ensure your company’s web presence is uninterrupted for your customers, employees, affiliates, and everyone else. When things go wrong, users can’t connect with you, revenue suffers, and your brand loses credibility. With one of my “care” packages, you can rest easy knowing your site is safe, secure, and maintained.


My “Care” plan includes daily automated, off-site backups, prompt updates for WordPress core and any plugins, enhanced security to protect your site, and two scheduled “assist” sessions each month to help you with basic content management or any other issues you may have.

After enrolling in a “Care” plan, I’ll be in contact to obtain access credentials for your site.