With over 25% of all websites on the internet built with WordPress, chances are good your site is using it.  I’d be happy to help you with editing posts, adding categories, adding a plugin, etc.  I can also provide bug fixes, custom plugin development, hosting, ongoing maintenance and support, and consulting services.


According to the latest metrics, WooCommerce powers about 39% of all e-commerce websites on the internet.  Being a WordPress plugin, it’s greatly extensible via its own “extensions” or by hooking in to WordPress’s core hooks.  Whatever your needs, I have the ability to both help increase sales and improve the operational efficiency of your online shop!

Craft CMS & Craft Commerce

Craft CMS is a newer content management system, and it’s focus is on the content.  The platform is very extendable, making it both client and developer friendly.  A popular use for Craft is for the Craft Commerce plugin that provides a shopping cart.  I’ve written many custom plugins to enhance the functionality of Craft Commerce, including those for payment methods, order management, stock, Amazon integration, reports, and much more.

Expert Consulting

What if you just need WordPress or WooCommerce training? What about advice on back-end architecture? No matter what assistance you need, I’ve been asked to consult on all manner of projects, both big and small. Use my experience to make your next project a rousing success!