WordPress Services

Custom Development

Having to make changes, forced or optional, is an inevitable part of life as a website owner. WordPress comes with an enormous amount functionality out of the box, but every site has its own unique requirements. Whether you’ve purchased a new theme or plugin and need it installed and implemented or more complicated custom development to create specific, new functionality, I can help!

Just by looking at my site you can probably infer that I don’t do design work. However, I can refer you to some amazing, cutting-edge designers with whom I work frequently.

A few of the ways I can assist you with your WordPress site include:

Theme Integration

Install and integrate a new theme into an existing site.

Custom Templates

Unique styling and layout for a specific page or post type.

Theme Tweaks

Nothing fancy, but I can at least fix things.

WordPress Custom Plugin Development

As I mentioned, a lot of functionality is included in WordPress core, but having the right plugins makes all the difference in the world. The key word there is “right.” Plugin quality can vary wildly. My custom developed plugins adhere strictly to the WordPress Coding Standards and best practices. I go the extra mile to ensure flexibility and user configurability in every aspect of the finished product. Common, custom development requests include:


User-submitted content, file uploads, and role restrictions.

Social Media

Connect to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to drive engagement and encourage virality.

Custom Post Types

Create new types of posts for new sections of a website or internal usage.

Content Imports

Custom imports to create posts, meta, taxonomies, users, etc.

User Roles

Create new roles for specialized action on front end and the admin side.