Altering Post Title in the ACF “Post Object” Field

Appending Custom Data To Post Title For The ACF “Post Object” Field Type

Working on a WordPress project gives the the opportunity to tinker and learn.  On a project I completed recently, we used a few custom fields, courtesy of Advanced Custom Fields PRO.  Although I loathe the “do it with a plugin”-first mentality, ACF is a mu-plugin1Must-Use Plugin.  In other words, something that lessens the likelihood of someone else screwing things up. for nearly every site I work on.  It grants the user a ton of content flexibility when setup properly, but it also offers me, the developer, ways to easily alter its function without editing the plugin itself.  That’s exactly what I did when I received a common ACF request while working on the aforementioned project.  I want to share the experience(and the code) to both illustrate my point and, hopefully, save someone else a little time.