ACF Post Object Add-On Plugin Released!

WordPress ACF "Post Object" Field Type Add-on Plugin Released

As promised, I’m releasing a new plugin for Advanced Custom Fields(ACF) named “ACF Post Object Add-On”. This is a relatively small plugin that appends text data to post titles in the “post object” field type within ACF. The plugin is based on my previous tutorial with a few more bells and whistles to give users more flexibility without having to edit functions.php. (more…)

Altering Post Title in the ACF “Post Object” Field

Appending Custom Data To Post Title For The ACF “Post Object” Field Type

Working on a WordPress project gives the the opportunity to tinker and learn.  On a project I completed recently, we used a few custom fields, courtesy of Advanced Custom Fields PRO.  Although I loathe the “do it with a plugin”-first mentality, ACF is a mu-plugin1Must-Use Plugin.  In other words, something that lessens the likelihood of someone else screwing things up. for nearly every site I work on.  It grants the user a ton of content flexibility when setup properly, but it also offers me, the developer, ways to easily alter its function without editing the plugin itself.  That’s exactly what I did when I received a common ACF request while working on the aforementioned project.  I want to share the experience(and the code) to both illustrate my point and, hopefully, save someone else a little time.