WordPress “Hacked” Site Cleanup & Restoration

Has your or your company’s WordPress site been “hacked”? I’ve cleaned up and restored sites running on WordPress and many other platforms. Sadly, however, I get the most requests for cleanup, restoration, and mitigation from WordPress users. Why? It’s simply a matter of volume. The CMS powers about 27% of all websites, and with millions of active installs, it’s a popular target for hackers.

What I Do

I’ve cleaned and restored WordPress sites that have been compromised in various ways. Whether your site was hit due to an outdated core, a bad plugin, or a shady theme, I can deal with the issues. With my experience, I can diagnose the issue quickly, scrub exploits from code and data, and restore your site to working order. My aim is to get you up and running as quickly and safely as possible.

My WordPress “Hacked” Site Restoration services are $249 for basic cleaning and restoration and $549 for premium, expedited service, bringing your codebase up to date, and installation of a premium security plugin. Once you’re up and running again, I recommend one of my WordPress Care Packages to help keep your site more secure and ready in case disaster strikes again! Here are just some of the actions I take when restoring a hacked WordPress site.

File Scrub

Thoroughly scan all core and content files, removing malicious code, data, and/or files

Database Scan

Remove all data added during the breach by the attackers containing exploits from the database

“Backdoor” Removal

Eliminate all means of surreptitious access put in place by the hackers so they can’t come back

Update Core, Plugins, & Themes

Bring WordPress core up to date, update public & premium themes and plugins to their latest version


Report detailing how the site was compromised and what you can do to prevent it going forward

Premium Security Plugin*

A free license for a premium WordPress security plugin for one year to harden your site against future attacks

If you need your hacked WordPress site cleaned and restored, use the form below to begin the process.

* Free, one-year security plugin license available only with the $549 restoration service.