Craft Commerce payment method using Amazon Pay

I've been doing some work recently with Craft CMS, and its ecommerce plugin Craft Commerce.  Although Craft is still up-and-coming, it's doing quite well.  The community is great, and I love working with it.  Craft itself is quite extensible, and Commerce is progressing in that aspect.  A recent project called for a lot of customization of Commerce, and I ended up creating quite a few plugins to handle third-party integrations.

One such instance was to integrate Amazon Pay as a new payment method in Commerce.  This had not been done by anyone else to this point, and more than a few clients/developers had asked if someone knew of an existing solution.  After a lot of work, I completed the plugin, and I am making it available for purchase here.

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Code Quickie: Prettify a List of Dates

Most of the time, writing code can be very repetitive. There are only so many ways to handle something. However, a few times per project, I'm tasked to come up with a new solution to a challenge. After accepting and conquering the challenge, I sometimes come up with code that I'm very proud to share because of its elegance, simplicity, and/or novelty.

This particular challenge involved a report that produced a list of dates as parts of its results. When I ran a few sample reports, I noticed that I could potentially get a nigh unreadable list of numerous, consecutive dates. I decided to try and turn that horrible list into something beautiful by condensing three or more consecutive dates into a range.

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WordCamp Atlanta 2017 - I'm Attending!

I've neglected going to a WordCamp for far too long, and I'm going to change that by attending the one in Atlanta March 17-19, 2017! I usually reserve my weekends for anything other than work, but I feel the return on investment for attending a WordCamp is too great to ignore. So, I've booked a nice hotel in downtown, blocked off my schedule, and started planning my travel.

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ACF - How To Display All Fields In A Field Group

As a WordPress developer, I create a lot of custom data to give clients the functionality they want. I've used every way possible, like posts for a custom post type, post meta, taxonomies, options, custom tables, etc. However, for ease of use and client convenience, I mostly use either WordPress native custom fields or the Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin. With ACF, the interface is great, and, having used it so much, I can quickly setup any field type very quickly. The most time consuming part of using custom data is when it comes time to integrate into the theme.

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Critical WordPress Vulnerability - PHPMailer Remote Code Execution

Just a few days ago, a new, critical exploit was discovered, and WordPress is among those platforms affected. A researcher published a paper on the vulnerability in the third-party PHPMailer library that's used by WordPress and many other content management systems. The core WordPress development team has acknowledged the issue and are moving forward with a fix.

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Custom Bulk Actions added in WordPress 4.7

With the release of WordPress 4.7, developers have a lot to be thankful for. Many have already covered post type templates, and the addition of the REST API in the core is a game changer. There's a few more features that came along with the release, but I'd like to cover one that I've been looking forward to as a developer: custom bulk actions.

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