WordPress Version 4.9.2 : Security & Bug Fixes

As WordPress continues its march towards the Gutenberg-focused version 5.0, today it released an intermediate update. Version 4.9.2 is pretty standard fare for a “dot” release, resolving an XSS vulnerability in the MediaElement library and 21 bug fixes. Per usual, make sure your installation is updated as soon as possible. If you need help, please contact me.

The bug fixes include enhanced browser compatibility, styling issues, and enabling MySQLi1Finally. Using MySQLi by default has been a long time coming. by default.

With the seriousness of the release out of the way, I’d like to discuss a bit of comic relief embedded in on the the Trac tickets resolved in this release.

In the release notes for version 4.9.2, you’ll find all of the included Trac tickets for this release. The very first one, #42820, caught my eye immediately. The ticket’s name is “Twenty Seventeen -watch that language”.

Evidently, in front-page.php in the Twenty Seventeen theme, on line 25, there’s a comment that read:

// I'm not sure it's possible to have no posts when this page is shown, but WTH.

“WTH” is a major problem, and needed to be removed. We cannot have an open-source, inclusive, and community-maintained platform subliminally favoring one specific healthcare agency in western Tennessee. /s

And for gosh sake, watch your language!


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 1 Finally. Using MySQLi by default has been a long time coming.

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