WordCamp, Here I Come!

WordCamp Atlanta 2017 - I'm Attending!

I’ve neglected going to a WordCamp for far too long, and I’m going to change that by attending the one in Atlanta March 17-19, 2017! I usually reserve my weekends for anything other than work, but I feel the return on investment for attending a WordCamp is too great to ignore. So, I’ve booked a nice hotel in downtown, blocked off my schedule, and started planning my travel.


The Great Holiday Shutdown

One reason I love working for myself is the flexibility it provides in my personal life, especially around the holidays. I’m a very festive person, so I get heavily involved in Christmas traditions. Christmas lights. Cheesy movies on the Hallmark Channel.[ref]Seriously. I’m a total sucker for the Hallmark Channel movies during the holidays. I have the TV in my shop hooked up to a short-range FM transmitter so I can listen with my headset while I’m dangling from trees. People assume I’m listening to the radio. If they only knew…[/ref] The list goes on. Fortunately, I’m in a position to go all Griswold between November and January.


Estimates Are Stressful

Estimate? More Like Guesstimate!

Seriously.  Who else dreads giving estimates or quotes for development work?  I know I can’t possibly be alone because new clients always request them.  Anytime I am asked for an estimate, it’s always an exercise in futility.  I’ve been in web development for a long time now, and I can never seem to nail down accurate estimates.  As time has gone on, it’s gotten worse.