2020 Christmas Lights Display Retrospective

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I’ve been busy reengaging with work and .org after my typical year-end blackout. My usual process has been to document planned changes prior to the season starting. That has led to disconnect between what I thought would be ready for the Christmas lights display and what actually was.

I’ll try something from WordPress.org by adding a look-back model to document and evaluate changes, having lived through the pain points, instead of trying to guess what they are ahead of time. For 2020 – a year that was novel to say the least – things were challenging. That being said, objectively, 2020 was the best and most popular season so far.


2019 Christmas Lights Display

After a very busy summer and autumn preparing the show, everything went live the night after Thanksgiving. As mentioned in the lead-up to this season, the new elements have been added to the display, new songs are being included, and a website has been launched.


Holiday Preparations for 2019

Per usual, I’m well underway in getting ready for the holidays. October through mid-January is a big deal for me. All of my bulk-buy pre-orders of components have been received and dozens of Amazon orders have been placed. My weekends between now and early 2020 will be consumed by prop building, sequencing, cabling, and testing. It’s not easy, but it’s so much fun.