WordCamp, Here I Come!

WordCamp Atlanta 2017 - I'm Attending!

I’ve neglected going to a WordCamp for far too long, and I’m going to change that by attending the one in Atlanta March 17-19, 2017! I usually reserve my weekends for anything other than work, but I feel the return on investment for attending a WordCamp is too great to ignore. So, I’ve booked a nice hotel in downtown, blocked off my schedule, and started planning my travel.


ACF – Get All Fields In A Field Group

ACF - How To Display All Fields In A Field Group

As a WordPress developer, I create a lot of custom data to give clients the functionality they want. I’ve used every way possible, like posts for a custom post type, post meta, taxonomies, options, custom tables, etc. However, for ease of use and client convenience, I mostly use either WordPress native custom fields or the Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin. With ACF, the interface is great, and, having used it so much, I can quickly setup any field type very quickly. The most time consuming part of using custom data is when it comes time to integrate into the theme.


Critical WordPress Vulnerability – PHPMailer RCE

Critical WordPress Vulnerability - PHPMailer Remote Code Execution

Just a few days ago, a new, critical exploit was discovered, and WordPress is among those platforms affected. A researcher published a paper on the vulnerability in the third-party PHPMailer library that’s used by WordPress and many other content management systems. The core WordPress development team has acknowledged the issue and are moving forward with a fix.


WordPress 4.7: Custom Bulk Actions

Custom Bulk Actions added in WordPress 4.7

With the release of WordPress 4.7, developers have a lot to be thankful for. Many have already covered post type templates, and the addition of the REST API in the core is a game changer. There’s a few more features that came along with the release, but I’d like to cover one that I’ve been looking forward to as a developer: custom bulk actions.


ACF Post Object Add-On Plugin Released!

WordPress ACF "Post Object" Field Type Add-on Plugin Released

As promised, I’m releasing a new plugin for Advanced Custom Fields(ACF) named “ACF Post Object Add-On”. This is a relatively small plugin that appends text data to post titles in the “post object” field type within ACF. The plugin is based on my previous tutorial with a few more bells and whistles to give users more flexibility without having to edit functions.php. (more…)

Altering Post Title in the ACF “Post Object” Field

Appending Custom Data To Post Title For The ACF “Post Object” Field Type

Working on a WordPress project gives the the opportunity to tinker and learn.  On a project I completed recently, we used a few custom fields, courtesy of Advanced Custom Fields PRO.  Although I loathe the “do it with a plugin”-first mentality, ACF is a mu-plugin[ref]Must-Use Plugin.  In other words, something that lessens the likelihood of someone else screwing things up.[/ref] for nearly every site I work on.  It grants the user a ton of content flexibility when setup properly, but it also offers me, the developer, ways to easily alter its function without editing the plugin itself.  That’s exactly what I did when I received a common ACF request while working on the aforementioned project.  I want to share the experience(and the code) to both illustrate my point and, hopefully, save someone else a little time.